Commissioner Chris Monzel

Chrsi Monzel Ohio Politician and Hamilton County Comissioner Over the past five years, Hamilton County Commissioner Chris Monzel challenged every  department in county government to deliver essential public services while holding a tight rein on  costs. As President of the Board, Chris has maintained a focus on fiscal responsibility by keeping  taxes low and cutting the red tape for businesses planning to expand or relocate in Hamilton  County. Commissioner Monzel’s success in right-sizing government has prepared the county to  prosper as the economy shows early signs of recovery.

In addition to his duties as commission president, Chris also serves as Chairman of the Hamilton  County Emergency Management Agency Executive Committee, Chairman of the Hamilton County  Family and Children First Council, is a member of the Hamilton County Transportation  Improvement District, Investment Advisory Committee and the Southwest Ohio Region Workforce Investment Board.

Monzel’s growth as a public servant is the product of years volunteering in the communities in which he lived. He has served as trustee for the Mt. Adams Civic Association, and President of the Winton Place Community Council as well as in prior elected office as a Chris Monzel Casual Bio Photomember of Cincinnati City Council. Every position presented a new opportunity to learn about the concerns of residents in diverse communities throughout the County.

Chris acquired a wealth of unique experiences beyond his formal education both in the U.S. and abroad. Graduating as valedictorian in 1986 from Moeller High School, Chris began his formal education at Purdue University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. In 1993, he decided to pursue public service by accepting a position with the Marianist Volunteer Service Community in Queens, New York where he worked for a year at the Angel Guardian Home Foster Care Agency in Brooklyn, New York. While there, Chris worked with teens, helping them to develop independent living skills in order to prepare them for life outside the foster care system. He then became the acting Director of a homeless shelter in Oakland, California, where he learned firsthand, the many housing and health care issues facing inner-city communities.

In 1995, Chris accepted a teaching assignment at Minsk State Linguistic University in Minsk,  Belarus where he taught American Studies. This assignment provided him the opportunity to learn  about the difficult environmental and political issues facing the people of Belarus. While in Minsk,  he pursued fund-raising grants for the Children of Chernobyl Organization and pro-democracy  groups. Upon his return from Belarus, Chris returned to the classroom to broaden his field of  studies and received a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School  of Government in 1998.

Chris Monzel Ohio Politician and Family Chris is employed at General Electric Aviation as a Master Black Belt of Services Engineering CSA  Productivity. The Master Black Belt designation denotes acquired enhanced skills and results in  achieving increased productivity. Chris brings a well-honed reputation for fiscal responsibility to the commission. As both an engineer and manager at GE, Chris has achieved private sector results by improving the delivery and cost of repair technology services while managing a substantial budget. These results translate well to providing cost efficient government to the citizens of Hamilton County.

Chris, his wife Jana and their children currently reside in Glendale. Chris and Jana are both deeply involved in their children’s activities. They believe that providing a stable family environment steeped in faith and tradition is their primary responsibility.­